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Turquoise Blue Agate Necklace

$88.00 USD

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Product Description: Turquoise Blue Agate (Limited qty.)
Crystal Meaning: Protection, Health and Abundance
Chakra: Energizes all Chakra Nodes
- Gold or Silver Metallic,
(High-Strength Dura-Fiber) Strand.
- Length 25.5” approx.
- Adjustable-Wear As: Choker, Full-Length or as Bracelet.
- Jump RIng and Lobster Clasp 14K GF or SS.
- 14kt GP or Rhodium AngelSmith™ Tag.
- Option - add a pendant.
- Ships in 3-5 business days (USA).
- Comes gift ready in a beautiful jewelry box.
Natural Gem-Stones do vary in color - each stone has its unique beauty.

 Turquoise Blue Agate Necklace with Dragon Fly Charm Pendant