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Black Spinel Necklace

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Bead Size
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Product Description: Black Spinel.

Crystal Energy:
- Protection  |●●●●●
- Courage     |●●●●
- Detox          |●●
Switch-On your subconscious mind With "SwitchWords"
This works to awaken your Spiritual Energy.
To Repel negative energy surrounding you and cleanse your spirit of
unresolved negative emotions use the following chant/mediation technique
in combination with Black Spinel.

 these words or numbers 45x

Use the 45-Beads on the necklace to keep count.

- Angel Words: Guard-Divine | 
- Angel Numbers: | 3-3-3 | or | 4-0 |
(Repeat one set of numbers 45x - then after a while use another set)

Added Use:
Spiritual Balance, Emotional energy, Powerful Healing.

 Root, Grounding, Revitalize all Chakra Nodes.
Sizes: (Select size of bead above)
- 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
- Gold or Silver Metallic,
(High-Strength Dura-Fiber) Strand.
- Length 25.5” approx.
- Adjustable-Wear As: Choker, Full-Length or as Bracelet.
- Jump Ring and Lobster Clasp 14K GF or SS.
- 14kt GP or Rhodium AngelSmith™ Tag.
- Option - add a pendant.
- Ships in 3-5 business days (USA).
- Comes gift ready in a beautiful jewelry box.
Natural Gem-Stones do vary in color - each stone has its unique beauty.
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