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Dragon Fly Charm Pendant

$38.99 USD

Material & Color
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Product Description:  
Dragon Fly - Symbolizes Transformation Adaptability, New-Beginnings and Happiness.
Hope, Change and Love
Pendant Dimensions:
- Width
: 2.0" wingspan
- Length: 1.5" head to tail tip
- Slight curves in the wings and body were manually applied.
Curvatures show elegance and grab attention as Dragon Flies do in nature.
- Comes in 14kt GP or Rhodium Silver
- Angelsmith™ logo symbol embedded in torso

- Crystals with Beautiful reflective sparkle, accented with slight violet hues.
42 Crystals 1.2mm diameter.
2 Crystals 2.0mm diameter.

- Ships in 3-5 business days (US)
- Comes gift ready in a beautiful jewelry box